Caloudi’s Product 8iSoft YODA Listed in iThome’s “Taiwan Cybersecurity Market Map”

In July 2023, iThome released the Beta50 update of the “Taiwan Cybersecurity Market Map”, drawing substantial industry attention. The map includes 343 vendors and 33 cybersecurity products, with Caloudi’s cybersecurity platform, 8iSoft YODA, standing out in the “Risk Assessment & Visibility” category as one of the notable entries.

Caloudi's cybersecurity platform, 8iSoft YODA, standing out in the "Risk Assessment & Visibility" category as one of the notable entries.
Caloudi’s cybersecurity platform, 8iSoft YODA, standing out in the “Risk Assessment & Visibility” category as one of the notable entries.

iThome’s Commitment to Technological Advancement

iThome, a leading technology information media in Taiwan, has a strong commitment to advancing enterprise IT knowledge and technological development. It hosts several professional technical seminars and exhibitions, such as CYBERSEC Taiwan and the well-established Cloud Edge Summit, both experiencing rapid growth. Since its launch in 2018, the “Taiwan Cybersecurity Market Map” has consistently gained extensive attention and support, becoming a vital reference for businesses during procurement and evaluation processes.

Empowering Cybersecurity with 8iSoft YODA

8iSoft YODA is a proprietary cybersecurity solution developed by Caloudi, focusing on enhancing risk assessment and vulnerability patching for enterprise information systems, capable of detecting and countering network threats in real-time. This product combines the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of AI with a wealth of cybersecurity expertise, providing users with multiple vulnerability remediation methods, ensuring comprehensive network vulnerability detection and management.

Caloudi’s Vision for Enhanced Security and Efficiency

Caloudi is committed to leveraging software and AI technologies to enhance the efficiency and information security of cloud resources, providing consumers with intelligent products and services. The company’s core management team boasts over 20 years of multinational experience in the IT industry. Caloudi is also a Microsoft, Google, and Amazon partner, holding the Microsoft Gold Partner certification and ISO-27001 compliance certification. Caloudi’s mission is to assist businesses in completing their digital transformation in the cloud, offering professional services through software and AI technologies.

Demonstrating Expertise and Innovation

By successfully securing a spot in iThome’s “Taiwan Cybersecurity Market Map” with its 8iSoft YODA cybersecurity platform, Caloudi once again demonstrates its expertise and technological innovation in the cybersecurity domain, providing industries with a comprehensive and reliable security solution. As the cybersecurity landscape continues to evolve, 8iSoft YODA and Caloudi will persistently strive to deliver superior cybersecurity defense solutions, ensuring users remain secure amid rapidly changing cyber threats.

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